“1932” Chanel Exclusive Fragrance

IMG_1033I want to start by thanking Chanel for giving me the opportunity to try their exclusive new fragrance “1932” from the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection. Chanel has always been the leader in creating fragrances with a classic scent that never go out of style. The “1932” fragrance represents a whirlwind of luxury fashion, U.S. history, women empowerment, and the everlasting nature of the universe.

It was named to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Gabrielle Chanel’s first High Jewelry collection, Bijoux de Diamonds. Released during the Great Depression, the collection captured the feelings of being positive and looking up for new beginnings. The fine jewelry pieces portrayed the beauty of the universe, featuring comets, stars, and suns.

“I wanted to cover women with constellations.”

– Gabrielle Chanel, 1932 

Following in the footsteps of the Bijoux de Diamonds, the new “1932” fragrance embodies the essence of diamonds, stars, and comets. As it is beautifully described on Chanel’s website, the fragrance is “faceted with a Pear-Grapefruit accord, adorned with Iris and Vetiver, and set with Musks. Exotic Jasmine is worked to make every facet shine. It gradually spirals into place, waits to reveal itself on the skin, and finishes by divulging its sophisticated and voluptuous side. A woody-floral-fruity fragrance.”

In English, “1932” has a fresh, spring fragrance. Its golden hue and timeless label give it a classy, exquisite, and feminine feel. The fragrance is airy and does not have a heavy or overpowering scent. It is perfect for any occasion and when worn, it makes you feel like a princess adorning breathtaking jewels.


What I Love💛

  • Signature Scent – Like most women, I have tried hundreds of different perfumes that all start to smell the same. However, “1932” has a unique scent that is unlike any other. It will have people on the street asking you what fragrance you’re wearing!
  • Light & Long-Lasting – This perfume remains light and airy, while lasting all day! No need to reapply.
  • Beautiful Bottle – I love to display my gorgeous perfume bottles. The “1932” design is classy and elegant, making it the perfect centerpiece for your perfume collection.
  • Women Empowerment – The fragrance represents unrestrained femininity, women’s ambitions, and the beauty of the female body. GO WOMEN!

What I Don’t Love👎🏻

  • The Price – For 2.5 fl. oz. it is $200 and for 6.8 fl. oz. it is $350. That is one expensive perfume!
  • Not a Packable Size – The bottle, although beautiful, is very heavy and bulky. It would not be easy to pack in your cosmetics. I would be so worried about it breaking too!

Au Revoir et Merci!😚

This perfume is definitely worth the price! I highly recommend purchasing the “1932” before the exclusive collection comes to an end. Treat yourself to this luxurious fragrance and let its scent transport you to the beautiful lands of France. You will feel like a Queen! Until next time, Ciao Bella!


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