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IMG_6177Rise and shine! It’s time to get up and start your day with the perfect beauty essential – Tatcha’s The Water Cream.  I have lived all over the world in various climates that changed my skin from dry, to oily, to are you kidding me? It has been a constant struggle to find a daily face cream that works with whatever mood my skin decides to be in. Until…Hallelujah! Tatcha created a face cream with a unique formula that is hydrating, pore-perfecting, and anti-aging all-in-one! To make it even better, Tatcha has teamed up with Room to Read to help brighten the futures of girls in developing countries. One purchase = one day of school. How cool is that? Not convinced yet? Check out my review below on why Tatcha’s The Water Cream is my #1 choice for daily face cream (Purchase at Sephora):

Main Ingredients
  • Japanese Wild Rose: Pore-Perfecting / Hydration
  • Japanese Leopard Lily: Oil-Balancing
  • Hadasei-3 Complex (Green Tea, Rice, Algae): Anti-Aging
  • 23-Karat Gold: Shine-Free Glow

Not only do these ingredients sound amazing, but they originate from the days of the Japanese Geishas. With their iconic white makeup and red lips, the geishas were known for their poreless and perfect skin. Sign me up!

Processed With Darkroom

To Use

Using the gold spoon (fancy, huh?), scoop a pearl-size amount of cream. Massage onto the face, neck, and décolletage (French for “cleavage” – I had to google this one🙈) in upward strokes. Use daily, morning and night.

I love that I can use this both morning and night. In the morning, it goes great under my makeup and at night, it leaves my face feeling clean and rehydrated after a long day. The bonus, you don’t need much! A little goes a long way when using this cream.

Britt 17

What I Love💙
  • It is literally “water” for your skin – The cream hydrates your skin like water hydrates your body. With its powerful botanicals, The Water Cream provides the perfect balance of nutrients for your skin, leaving it hydrated and refreshed.
  • It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy – Instead, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.
  • It is Oil-free, Non-comedogenic, Non-irritating, & Non-sensitizing – Meaning, no breakouts! The formula actually balances your complexion and improves the appearance of acne.
  • Perfect under makeup – Massage this bad boy on your face and you’re all set to start your flawless makeup routine. Its shine-free and fast absorbing finish allows you to skip the base primer on those dry climate days.
What I Don’t Love👎🏻
  • The price – The Water Cream costs $68 which is a lot compared to most drug store face lotions. However, you don’t have to use much so the container lasts longer than you think!
  • No SPF – This was a big negative for me. It is SUPER important to protect your face and wear sunscreen everyday. So, if your makeup doesn’t have SPF, I recommend using Tatcha’s Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen with SPF 35. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and acts as a primer. You can put this right on top of The Water Cream as well!
And that’s all folks!

Now that you’ve read my thoughts on Tatcha’s The Water Cream, you can decide if this cream would be the perfect fit for you. I am always super cautious when it comes to products I use on my skin, so please feel free to reach out with any questions you have! I’d be happy to help! Until next time, Ciao Bella!😘




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