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How I Survived on a Reality Tv Show in the Philippines🎥🌴

12507485_10207706414354841_968946874934353039_nImagine waking up to the smell of salty air, looking out your window to the crystal clear ocean beyond, and realizing you’re in paradise. Welcome to Port Barton, a remote village on the north-west coast of the island of Palawan in the Philippines.☀️

How did I get there? No, my plane didn’t crash in the ocean leaving me stranded on an island. No, there weren’t any polar bears running around. No, there weren’t any hidden, underground hatches that revealed scientific experiments by the Dharma Initiative. Sorry to all of my fellow LOST fans out there.😜

Even crazier, I was casted as a swimsuit model for a reality television show that was filmed at various locations in the Philippines. We lived there for 3 weeks on a remote island, living in huts without electricity, eating fresh caught food from the islanders, spending our days in bikinis and sunscreen. It was heaven! As with any reality tv show however, there was plenty of drama and excitement. Follow my island adventure below and see how I barely made it out alive! Just kidding.😉

P.S. I highly recommend listening to “Hotel California” by the Eagles and “History” by One Direction while reading. These were our theme songs for the trip!

P.P.S. Pictures/Videos were taken by me and the incredible cast and crew! I wish I could take credit for the drone shots, but I’m not nearly that talented!

Oh and don’t panic, there was coffee the entire trip. Hallelujah!☕

The Audition

I was casted as one of five models for the Director’s Competition Show originally named “The Campaign.” The show was to air worldwide on Fashion One TV. The premise of the show was for three directors to compete to win a worldwide campaign for “JALL!” Swimwear.👙 I was hired, along with four other women, to model in the competitions and help the directors in their final commercial video.

The audition consisted of a video submission and a Skype interview with the producers. When I got the call that I was flying out to the Philippines in a week, I was speechless! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was getting paid to live in paradise for a month. Not a bad gig!💰

The Cast & Crew

We had the most amazing cast and crew on the show! They were some of the most incredible, unique, and talented people I have ever met. We all got along so well that the producers had us fake drama just to make it more exciting for the viewers. After being stuck on an island with these troopers for a month, we learned way too much about each other and I am thankful to still call them great friends!

Models:  Me😊, Nia Ambrosia, Lola Klimenteva, Jessica Claussen, Dylan Field

Directors:  Leslie Bumgarner, Dominic López, Dakota Lupo

Makeup/Hair:  Misaki Hara

Host: Blake Peyrot

Producers: Monique Sorgen, Sean Akers

Crew (Photographers, Videographers, Miracle Workers):  Joshua Smeaton, Hannes Blommaert, Suleman Gaffar, Maxim Meukens, Ankit Rawat, Shehzad Azim, Jun Vidal, Han Czar Francisco

I think that’s everyone!!!

Our awesome host…with the most😉 (Left to Right: Nia, Lola, Blake, Jessica, Me)
WE DID IT! Shot on our final day leaving the island. It was bittersweet, but we were all ready to get back to civilization and our families (Oh and pizza🍕).
Getting ready to hike through the rainforest to find a waterfall! (Left to Right: Dylan, Me, Jess)
Our first morning in Port Barton! We arrived at night and couldn’t see the view. They filmed us walking outside our huts and seeing the island for the first time! I was in awe and ran straight to the water! (Left to Right: Lola, Me, Jess, Leslie)
The night we all met! Little did we know the craziness we were about to endure. (Left to Right: Dominic, Lola, Leslie, Jess, Dakota, Me, Nia)
The faces of the show – what weirdos, but I love and miss them all. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t laugh our asses off.
The babes (and several tequila shots)!
Watching the finale videos (Left to right: Nia, Me, Lola)


We look naked, but I swear we weren’t!😉
The Models!

The Competitions / Filming

Throughout the filming of the show, the directors and models had to participate in various competitions. These involved photo shoots, videos, fashion shows, interviews, etc. We were also filmed 24-hours a day outside of the competitions to capture “reality” shots, conversations, drama, our lifestyles, daily routines, and every personal thing about us. The only place we were safe was the bathroom!😂

For those of you who watch the Bachelor, we had to do one-on-one interviews at the end of every day recapping the day’s events, drama, shoots, etc. They always asked questions that were meant to start drama or havoc on the show. Here are some questions I was asked:

  1. “If you had to pick the weakest model on the show, who would it be?”
  2. “Would you ever hook up with any of the directors even though you have a boyfriend?”
  3. “How did you feel when Dylan said you resembled a giraffe and an ice cream cone?” I’m not kidding, she actually said that and I still to this day don’t understand how I look like ice cream!🍦
  4. “We heard that so and so hooked up? Is that true?”
  5. “Who do you think should win the show?”

They tried their hardest to create chaos, but at the end of the day we all knew it was just for the show! Check out some of the pictures from filming below!

Shot by: Dominic Lopez
Filming Leslie’s finale video!


Shot by: Dakota Lupo
Shot by: Dominic Lopez
Behind the scenes getting ready for filming! Blake is prepping us on what to say.
Action shot for Leslie’s finale video.
Shot by: Dominic Lopez
That’s a wrap! It was a miracle none of us caught on fire!
Waiting for our wealthy husbands to pick us up in their private plane (Shot by: Leslie Bumgarner)

The Islands

It was paradise, but living on an island isn’t always easy! From scorpions to killer coconuts, island life can be dangerous! Thankfully, we all made it out alive. But not without a ton of bug bites!

We lived in little huts on Port Barton which was off of the main island in Palawan, Philippines. My roommate was Lola, a gorgeous Russian model that now lives in LA! We had no electricity, ate what the islanders cooked fresh for us every morning and night, and slept in mosquito net covered beds listening to the ocean waves. Read more about the mysteries of the island below!

Our huts overlooking the sea. It was the most incredible view to wake up to every morning.
IMG_1741 (1)
We ate all of our meals in that little hut! It was the meeting spot every morning to make sure we all knew the plan for the day.
On one of nights, the moon was huge and lit up the whole ocean. One of the guys suggested we all go skinny dipping. Needless to say, no one chickened out! It was a surreal experience.
We hiked through this rainforest to find a famous waterfall. It was gorgeous!


One of the most memorable nights was when we all sat around a bonfire drinking, talking, and singing. Lola brought out her Ukulele and played “History” by One Direction. Our voices were terrible, but it was so much fun.
On one of our days off, I traveled with Nia and Misaki over 2 hours in a car through the rainforest to get to Puerto Princesa, The Underground River. We took canoes into the cave and saw incredible rock formations, bats, and crystal blue water.
The sunsets in the Philippines are unlike anywhere else!😍


We were so secluded that in order to get to the mainland or to travel to other islands for filming, we had to take these boats.
Location scouting for Leslie’s video! We couldn’t resist having some fun in the glorious waters! (Left to Right: Josh, Me, Hannes, Boat Captains, Leslie)

IMG_1742 (1)

Filming on a remote island called Mangenguey Island, Coron, Palawan.
Do you see that white ghost on the left? That’s me attempting to get a tan on our time off. I’m pretty sure I got sun-burned instead!
Turquoise Island
It was very common to find scorpions, snakes, Komodo dragons, and overly large bugs outside our huts and all around the island. We had a medic on site with the top anti-venoms for the deadliest snakes on the island as well as medicine for scorpion bites. But, the most dangerous thing on the island? Falling coconuts! I’m not kidding! People getting hit in the head with coconuts causes more deaths in the Philippines than anything else!


The Finale

For the shows finale, all three directors presented final videos for the JALL! Swimwear brand. We all watched them and gave our votes. Dominic López won! (We didn’t get to find that out until weeks later) Wooh!! I have to be honest though, Leslie’s was my favorite! All of the models were in it and it showcased the swimsuits beautifully! Check it out below!

Writing this post and seeing all of the pictures makes me so happy. This was one of the most incredible journeys I have ever been on and I am so blessed that I experienced it with such amazing people. I think a Philippines Trip Round 2 is in order! Thanks for all of the memories my loves! Happy “Jall” Y’all!👙💚

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