The Swarovski By Fiona Endangered Animals Collection 💎🐯

Due to my obsession with cats and being the huge animal lover that I am, this week’s Fashion post is close to my heart. I support every cause that helps, rescues, and raises awareness to animals. One of my favorite jewelry designers, Swarovski, recently partnered with The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, a nonprofit organization specializing in Big Felines (Tigers, Jaguars, Lions, Lynxes, Pumas, and Servals).

“Our mission is to rescue Big Felines from cruel circumstances and provide them with the best lifestyle possible. A life governed by LOVE and RESPECT. Our mission is also to educate others to respect all living beings and to treat them with both love and kindness.”

– Eduardo Serio, Founder Black Jaguar-White Tiger

The organization has rescued more than 300 Big Felines and over 200 other animals are under their protection. It is one of the coolest and most incredible organizations I have ever supported. Don’t believe me? Go follow them on Instagram (@blackjaguarwhitetiger) or like their Facebook Page. You will be overwhelmed with adorable, heartwarming pictures and videos of the wild cats and other animals they rescue (Who doesn’t love binge watching cute animal videos all day long?😻).

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Fiona Swarovski (officially Fiona Pacifico Griffini-Grasser) is the Creative Director behind the label Swarovski By Fiona and is known for her incredible love for animals. After a recent visit to Africa, Fiona was inspired to design a new crystal collection celebrating the beauty of endangered animals. Partnering with The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, Fiona created The Swarovski By Fiona Endangered Animals Collection.

“It has been so exciting to transpose the beauty of such lively animals into still crystal faceted pieces. I am proud to put these species under a brilliant light.”

– Fiona Pacifico Griffini-Grasser, Creative Director Swarovski By Fiona 

The collection features bracelets adorning beautiful crystal animals such as lions, rhinos, cougars, apes, and sea turtles. The two newest additions to the collection are the Tiger and the Jaguar. They can only be purchased at for $59 and all proceeds support The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation.

My mom purchased the Tiger bracelet and let me model it for my blog. IT IS STUNNING! Not only is the braided band comfortable and authentic, but the crystal tiger is breathtaking. In the light, it sparkles like a diamond , showing off the brilliance of the crystal and the details in the tiger design. I am in love! Sorry mom, but I will be borrowing this bracelet for forever.😜 P.S. I have now ordered the Jaguar one for myself!


Naturally, I highly recommend purchasing a bracelet before they are all gone. Once they sell out, that’s it! You would be supporting an incredible cause and receiving a gorgeous luxury jewelry piece to last a lifetime. The only thing that would make these bracelets even better is if they put Cali’s face on them! I mean come on, look at her!


Okay sorry, I’m a crazy cat mom. But on a more important note, don’t forget to follow Swarovski (@swarovski) and The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation (@blackjaguarwhitetiger) on Instagram for more releases and updates. Also, watch Nomadic Film’s amazing video below showing the collaboration between Fiona Swarovski and Eduardo Serio for the “Fiona Endangered Animals Collection.” Ciao Bellas!

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