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Throwback to Miami – My Spread in Prestige Magazine💃🏼

Throwback to 2011 in Miami, Florida. Imagine 18-year-old me, living it up in South Beach, and signed with one of the top modeling agencies in the world, Next Model Management. During the legendary contemporary art show, Art Basel, I was hired for a 1970’s Summer inspired shoot for the March issue of Prestige Magazine France.

The shoot took place throughout the Wynwood Arts District and the Miami Design District where Primary Flight was originally located. Primary Flight is Miami’s original open-air museum and street level mural installation. The show has featured over 250 world-renowned artists and has become a cultural phenomenon.

A New York City Photographer and the Creative Director of Visual Country, Meagan Cignoli (@meagancignoli), directed the shoot. NYC celebrity hair and makeup artist, Andrea E. Wilson (@andreaewilson), was the genius behind making me look like the fabulous Christina Aguilera. The one and only Miami stylist, Obe Santos (@obesantos), was the creator behind the 10 different incredible looks designed for the spread.

It was one of my favorite shoots of my entire career. Check out the editorial below!

img054 copy

The magazine spread was called “Seduction games at Miami.” I got to rock crazy curly hair, bright red lips, and smokey eyes. I felt like such a badass.💋

  • Dress: Valeria Krasavina 
  • Necklace: Mizmi Collection
  • Cumber bun belt: Mittmi by Danittza
  • Shoes: Sergio Zelcer


The whole shoot had to be done in one day. We literally had a suitcase in the trunk of the car with all of my outfits. I had to change/be restyled on the street or in the car. It was insane, but so much fun. Thankfully, I had an awesome crew to work with!👗

  • Hat: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Bracelet & ring: Mizmi Collection
  • Dress: Drea Buchman @ Aviva Designs
  • Shoes: Sergio Zelcer


The vibrant colors and uniqueness of each wall added such character to the shoot. This one was one of my favorites, a cassette player. I could almost imagine Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones playing in the background.🎶

  • Headband: Una Luna
  • Jacket & sash: Jason Louis Studnicky
  • Necklace: Mizmi Collection
  • Shorts: Zara
  • Shoes: Sergio Zelcer

img060 copy

Yes, that is all actually my natural hair! There’s nothing a little hair spray and a curling iron can’t do! Okay…maybe a couple of bottles of hairspray were used.🙊

  • Tank Top, dress, & cloak: Aviva Designs
  • Accessories & rings: Mizmi Collection
  • Pants: Drea Buchman @ Aviva Designs
  • Shoes: Sergio Zelcer
  • Head scarf: Zara

img061 copy

It was so cool that each outfit matched the color and theme of the graffiti art. It made me feel like I was a part of the show. I loved getting to embody the beauty of each piece and show appreciation for how incredible the artists really were.

  • Hat: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Accessories & belt: Mizmi Collection
  • Blouse: Una Luna @ Aviva Designs
  • Shorts: Mittmi by Danittza
  • Shoes: Sergio Zelcer

img066 copy

At one point during the shoot, five boys came by to ask what we were doing. We ended up using them as models! They LOVED it and actually posed with me for about 20 minutes. They were fabulous! Just look at those model faces.😎

  • Cloak, broche, necklace & ring: Mizmi Collection
  • Dress & blouse: Mittmi by Danittza
  • Shorts: Zara
  • Shoes (Left): Sergio Zelcer
  • Shoes (Right):


We found this location by complete luck and it ended up becoming our surprise last look. One of the boys that modeled with us pointed to a hidden hole in the graffiti-filled-wall and said, “Look.” I looked through the hole and there was a space the size of several football fields. Naturally, we crawled through the hole and what we discovered was like a dream. The huge concrete walls were covered in graffiti, as well as a few wrecked cars. There were piles of spray paint cans left everywhere. There was one eerie, lone building within the walls. Its windows were shattered and created an abandoned effect. It was unbelievable…

  • Dress & scarf: Aviva Designs
  • Ring: Mizmi Collection
  • Clutch: JJ. Winters @ Aviva Designs
  • Shoes:

I still can’t believe this was over 7 years ago!

Time flies when you’re having fun! What was your favorite outfit in the shoot? I’d love to hear your comments! Ciao Bellas!


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