Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood! 🌟

IMG_3930Grab some popcorn and let’s go to the movies! 🎥🍿 I am a huge movie and tv show fanatic. I have always been fascinated by how they are filmed and made behind the scenes. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is the ultimate bucket list item to experience some of Hollywood’s most famous movies and tv shows. The tour features costumes, props, studio sets, backlots, and sound stages from all your favorites, such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Harry Potter, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, and The Hobbit! If you’re lucky, some famous celebrity actors/actresses may be on site!

I heard amazing reviews about the tour, so I had to give it a go! I selected the standard Studio Tour ticket for $65. There are other VIP and Deluxe Tours for those of you who have money to spend and want exclusive behind the scenes access. The tour lasted over 4 hours, but it was INCREDIBLE! 😍 I wish I could have seen more! I had chills seeing some of my favorite movies come to life (aka Harry Potter). The most mind-blowing part was how they can take a location or set and turn it into anything your mind can dream of.


Writing this post makes me want to go on the tour again! Check out my review, tips, and pictures below from my trip!

😃 Pros

  • It is 100% worth the price. The tour packs in as much as they can in the 4-hour time span. There isn’t a moment wasted.
  • You actually get to “experience” the movies and tv shows. You aren’t stuck on a trolley the entire time. The tour walks you through sets, backlots, and sound stages. There are also a ton of interactive portions for you to get involved in.
  • The tour guides are experts on all things Warner Bros. Ask away! They are happy to answer any questions and to even spill some secrets on upcoming shows and movies.

😃 Cons

  • By the time you get there, take the tour, and explore the shop, the experience will take up most of your day (4 to 5+ hours).
  • Some of the stages will be closed to the public if filming is in progress.
  • On the weekends and during the holidays, the crowds can be overwhelming.

✅ Tips

  • The weather can be very hot in Hollywood, especially during the summer. Wear light clothes, bring sunglasses, and definitely grab some water for the trip.
  • To see more on-site filming and celebrities, go during the fall/spring. Over the summer, many of the shows are on break.
  • Bring a camera! You are allowed to take pictures and videos on the tour!
  • The quicker and more efficiently your group moves through the tour, the more you will get to see!

🏡 Backlots & Studio Sets


⚡ Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts



🦇 The Bat Cave


💋 Pretty Little Liars

💥 DC Comics


💡 The Prop Department


🤩 Friends Finale & Interactive Area


🎬 Ready. Set. Action!

What did you think?! The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is an experience of a lifetime! Have you tried any of the other tours in Hollywood? Let me know your thoughts! I would love to check them all of my list! Ciao Bellas!

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